Social Media Marketing

Millions of people are using Social Media every day to chat, discuss and inevitably make a purchase of a product or service if the desire is strong enough - Emotional Reasons to Buy right now coupled with the justification of Logic - Logical reasons to buy right now. We call these ERBN's and LRBN's...

It is no longer about a one way conversation with your customers and by analysing the inbound and outbound messages about a person, product or service you can encourage a loyal follower to become an engaged consumer. Multiply this out and we help build you a community of engaged consumers. At DU we understand what it takes to find and engage loyal followers - whom we help convert into engaged consumers.

If we focus on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn - we can cover off a majority of peoples active Social Media habits in one foul swoop. Of the reported (by Twitter) 288Million users from the 500M global users, an estimated 40% are searching and engaging to learn about your services and products - and 20% of these are buying 80% of them... so we can apply simple techniques to focus in on those consumers!

We pride ourselves in keeping abreast of the latest developments so we can continually update Social Media Strategies for our clients.